Your Fittest U
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My exercise programs are designed for everyone using fun, functional and effective workouts. I provide one on one, partner and small group training sessions. My training methods focus on core strength, functional movements, resistance training, low back exercises, cardiovascular, conditioning, agility, balance and flexibility; designed for all fitness levels and ages. My workouts are geared for each individual’s needs and goals. I also specialize in post-orthopedic rehabilitation for shoulder, low back, and knee injuries.

What Clients Are Saying...



"Never in my 44 years have I been able to exercise consistently.  I started my once-a-week sessions with Megan about 7 months ago. She is a great motivator, and each session is  tailored just for me.  The best part thus far (aside from losing weight) has been an improvement in my energy levels, mobility, and strength. It’s so great to feel muscles.  I feel like a bad-ass, also unexpected in my mid-forties. I recommend Megan 100%, and feel lucky to have found her."

-Diana, private session client



“Phenomenal! Megan thoughtfully plans each session and accounts for individual needs. She incorporates modifications based on level or injury, and she always builds on the previous session. Megan has a way of pushing you just enough. I always feel energized after working out with her!” 



“I have been in Megan’s class for over a year, and I love it!  Megan is always organized and ready to go with unique workouts each week, and they are fun, functional and effective!  She works us hard, but always has a modification when you need it.  I feel strong and ready for my day when I walk out of the class.  And working out with a great community of women is a plus…it makes the time fly by!”


"The classes are full of amazing women of all different ages and walks of life.
Megan makes everyone feel like “Wonder Women”.'