Private Sessions

Scheduled per client 

$70 per session 

Private sessions are specifically designed for each individual.  I love helping people to feel their strongest and make permanent health changes!

"Megan has been nothing but a motivating inspiration to my life. I have been working out most of my life and have worked with trainers.  Since I started training with Megan, she has changed my life and has showed me how to work out the right way so I do not injure myself.  I am so thankful to have Megan as a mentor and personal trainer. Without Megan, I could not have run my first Marathon this year. Megan cares, and follows up with me after we workout, to see how I feel. I am so fortunate to call Megan my personal trainer and friend."






Wednesdays 6:10 am

Fridays, 6:10 am 

$18  Drop In 

$57  4 Class Package 

$114  8 Class Package 

Classes are outside at the lake at Burnham Shores park in Evanston during the summer, and inside from October to May.  My exercise programs are fun, effective total body workouts. 

"I have been to lots of gyms and lots of workout classes and I’ve never had an instructor work as hard as Megan to individualize every class. Whether it’s in a studio or on the Lakefront, Megan pushes me to get stronger with every workout. She is knowledgeable, dedicated, experienced and so much fun!"



Behavior Change Coaching

Private Sessions

30 minute weekly sessions $50

Virtual Sessions

30 minute weekly sessions $50

Different than private and group exercise classes,behavior change coaching is an opportunity designed to help clients reach her or his desired health goals. Collaboratively working with the coach, using the client’s own strengths and values, and increasing awareness of current behaviors, the client becomes more confident in making lasting sustainable health changes.